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Every holiday is amazing and exciting and fun, but the Christmas holiday is the best of them all. There is always a feeling of enjoyment that creeps up every Christmas holiday. There is always that distinction that separates the feeling of a Christmas holiday from the rest and that is the Christmas feeling.

My Christmas last year was extremely special. It had a feeling no other Christmas has made me feel. This Christmas was by far more exquisite than any other. First, My school Distinct Star International College which is the best school in Magodo Area, Lagos organized a beautiful Christmas concert which was one of the best shows I've been to in recent times.

The presentations were amazing and everyone had a great time. Some of the major spotlights of the show were the student-pantomime dance and the staff choir presentation on that day, it got everyone cheering with smiles on our faces. I think I speak for all students that we are grateful to the school management and its staff for giving us such an amazing show.

Every Christmas holiday includes the bonding with family and friends, talking and laughing over the last year and turning a new leaf but my Christmas was way better than this.

During this Christmas, my eyes were truly opened to the meaning of Christmas. Christmas isn’t about getting angry over the fact that you got limited fun or you disliked your presents/gifts or you didn’t get enough food or maybe an unknown visitors came over for the day, that has nothing to do with Christmas being special.

This Christmas, my family went out to put smiles on the people faces, we visited charity homes and distributed food items and clothes for the less privileged, they were filled with so much excitement. Christmas is about giving not receiving, it’s about sharing not greediness, that’s what Christmas is all about. Well that’s what makes my Christmas holiday the best holiday.

Moyosoreoluwa Ariyo


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