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Vice Principal College

Magodo GRA Phase I, Lagos, Nigeria

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Key Responsibilities:

Administrative Duties:

Liaise with various departments and forward issues or suggestions to the Principal.
Assist with the development and review of budgets, school policies, and regulations.
Handle scheduling, record-keeping, and reporting.
Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Manage financial affairs including budgets, logistics, and events or meetings.
Staff Management:

Assist with recruitment, training, and onboarding of new staff.
Conduct evaluations of teachers and staff to ensure proper implementation of the curriculum.
Plan and organize school events, field trips, and various committees.
Support staff with training, enrichment, and goal-setting.
Establish and maintain relationships with parents, staff, and students.
Student Support:

Counsel students as needed and provide advice for at-risk students.
Update student records and manage registration for external examinations.
Sit in on disciplinary hearings and adjudicate appropriate discipline for students.
Address concerns raised by students, staff, and parents.
Academic Leadership:

Develop and run educational programs.
Have a hand in the creation of the school curriculum and teaching methodologies.
Lead practices for achieving higher academic standards.
Evaluate student progress to determine the effectiveness of educational plans.
Community and Public Relations:

Communicate with regulatory bodies and the public.
Represent and maintain the school image and reputation.
Remain active and visible during school functions and field trips.
Attend school-related events on weekends and prepare for the upcoming school year during the summer


  • Master's degree or any other higher qualifications in Education,

  • 10 years of continuous experience within the education sector

  • 2 - 4 years of Experience in Leadership positions such as (Vice Principal,

    Head of School)

  • Excellent ICT Skills (e.g. MS Office, Teams and Education management


  • Vast knowledge in applying the British Curriculum and Sixth For

    certifications including A-level, SAT, Foundation programmes and

    International Baccalaureate

  • Outstanding organisational and Leadership ability.

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