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Our Story

Distinct Star School were founded on the firm belief that every child is a star and that our job is to create the right environment for our stars to shine.

Starting as a Crèche in January 2010 Distinct Star has by the grace of God now expanded to include both a Primary and an International college with over 500sqm learning spaces.

Distinct Star Schools is a global family built on trust and mutual respect, a good starting point for a fine education. Our Staff are passionate professionals who are equipped and trained to facilitate learning in the modern world. We offer our students a comprehensive learning environment, filled with academic support, Technological tools and educational services.

 We strive for excellence by offering an engaging British and Nigerian curriculum as well as A-Levels & International University Foundation Programmes. 

Our Story: About Us
Notebook and Pen

Our Core Values

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To build a righteous generation of leaders equipped to reshape the world.

Our Mission

To provide excellent world-class education in an ideal and safe environment using well trained and highly motivated staff.

Mission & Vision

We foster a culture of excellence coupled with mutual respect and aim to develop self-esteem and confidence to enable our Stars to live and work cooperatively with others to become positive citizens in our society as well as meet up with the world at large.

We operate in a neat and serene environment, which gives room for proper assimilation without distractions.

We celebrate perseverance, resilience and risk taking, ensuring that our Stars welcome challenges and are not frightened to make mistakes.

 We challenge all our Stars to achieve their best and strive for academic excellence with great work, embrace creativity sporting and personal achievements are highly encouraged here

We have Well trained, qualitative and highly motivated staff that are very passionate about our stars.

Conducive and safe learning environment which quarantees 100% safety inspite of Covid -19 for all precautionary measures of Covid- 19  are strictly adhered to.

Why Distinct Star

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